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Deane Group International Ltd was established as a result of  the
merger of The Deane Group (Ukraine) and Deane International
Ltd.  This merger both rationalised and focused the resources of
the two companies into a single entity able to operate globally at
high efficiency and effectiveness.

In the context of Ukraine, Deane Group International Ltd provides
consultancy services to companies operating within the oil and gas
industry in Ukraine and to foreign or Ukrainian companies wishing
to establish new oil and/or gas businesses in Ukraine.  
What We Do

The Company has particular expertise in Ukraine's oil and gas
sector and offers consultancy advice and services in areas such
as oil and gas business strategy development, oil and gas
investment project development, government and external
relations, business and political analysis, and corporate
representation.  Through our network of Associates, the Company
can provide expert and informed comment, advice and
consultancy services on all areas of Ukraine's fuel and energy
Deane Group International Ltd: Oil and Gas Consultancy Services
We are the only independent western-owned consultancy
specialising in Ukraine's oil and gas sector

We've been in business in Ukraine since June 2000

We know how to do business successfully in Ukraine

Please contact us to learn how we can help you
Deane Group International Ltd:
Oil and Gas Consultancy Services